Welcome to MOVE Education..

MOVE Education is the education arm of MOVE Yoga, an inner Melbourne CBD Yoga studio in Australia. Our team of facilitators are leaders in the field of health and well being and at the forefront of new science backed studies in the realm of yoga. They hold the highest level of education in yoga teaching in Australia, having studied and mentored with a range of lineages throughout the world and beyond, right through to more modern and cutting edge scientific studies. The one thing they all hold in common is a passion for self-enquiry and the ongoing education in yoga, empowering their students to challenge their existing  patterns and holding the space with what emerges as a new mind-set and the opening of  a clearer more authentic you..

We believe in the power of asana as a strengthening and healing practice and that every individual has the ability to create lasting change in their lives, in a way that allows them to move, grow and become an empowered individual. Further, we believe that anyone should have the opportunity to delve deeper into the studies of yoga, whether they want to become a yoga teacher or not. So often we hear students say ‘I am interested in teacher training, but I don’t want to become a teacher’. MOVE Education seeks to bridge that gap by providing a learning management platform where students have the opportunity to study a range of topics with a range of facilitators. With online learning capacities, online assessment tools, instructor author capabilities, MOVE Education is excited to bring you a scalable platform of education resources in the health and wellness industry.  We are so excited to have you join us…

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